About Us

Advanced Interiors Specializes in Commercial Elevator Renovation and Design Throughout the Northwestern US

Advanced Interiors Inc. is an American-owned company based in Salt Lake City, UT that has over 20 years of professional experience in interior elevator design and renovation. Our designer and renovation teams utilize the latest style trends, state-of-the-art tools and materials, and custom-focused service to build more attractive, functional, and modern elevators throughout the Northwestern United States. Our work is showcased in many corporate office buildings and commercial businesses throughout Salt Lake City, Provo, Portland, Seattle, Everett, Boise, Fort Collins, Denver, and beyond.

As seasoned elevator design and renovation professionals, Advanced Interiors knows it’s important for any contractor to finish their work on schedule and within the budget. This is even more important for our industry because elevators are often the only convenient means of transportation in multi-story buildings. Our team works around your company’s schedule to avoid work during heavy traffic times, and helps you select the best materials and furnishings to match your budget.

If you have any questions regarding our company or our services, we invite you to contact us at 888-356-3083 today.