Elevator Design

Looking to Make an Impression with Help From a Professional Elevator Design Firm?

On average, about ninety percent of a commercial building’s daily occupants will either see or use your elevator. Having a professionally designed and dynamic elevator can leave a lasting impression on your employees, guests, partners, and customers and set you apart from your competition. The experienced interior elevator designers at Advanced Interiors can assist you in defining a new style for your elevator that aligns with your company’s reputation and brand. We can also help your elevator better match the style of your lobby or entry areas.

Advanced Interiors can also help you modernize your commercial building’s elevators with a variety of premium products and materials from some of America’s most popular brands. We can help you select custom lighting using safety-approved tungsten, halogen, or fluorescent systems, as well as decorative and stylish ceilings in wood, metal, laminate, or innovative hybrid combinations. All our products are selected and installed to meet your building code requirements, so we encourage our clients to get creative in the design process.

If you have any questions regarding our interior elevator design services or if you would like to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact us at 888-356-3083 today.